Why are We Switching to EC Motors?

A variety of electric motor types are available for use in multifamily and commercial buildings, employing a range of methods to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Many refrigerators and freezers, variable air volume (VAV) boxes, air handlers, fan coil units and other equipment come with fans powered by low-efficiency shaded pole or permanent split capacitor electric fan motors.
EC (Electronically Commutated) Motors are the latest innovation in energy-efficiency air and water moving technology. And by replacing old motors with EC motors you can significantly reduce energy consumption of your refrigeration, HVAC and water systems, saving up to 68% of the energy they now use.
EC Technology is the future of sustainable energy consumption in commercial and multifamily appliances, pumps and HVAC applications. In the following video you will learn the benefits of EC motors, what is an EC Motor and how they work.

In a nutshell, an EC motor is a brushless DC motor that tailors the motor’s speed to perfectly match the demand in fans, pumps, compressors, rooftop units and HVAC systems.


  • Recondition equipment vs replace
  • 30-70% more efficient
  • Payback 1-3 years
  • Precise and controlled operation
  • Reduced noise under speed control
  • Incentive and financial opportunities available
  • Reduced maintenance


  • Fan powered terminal box
  • Fan coil units
  • Rooftop condensers
  • Rooftop Package Units
  • Large Air Handlers
  • Fan Filter Units (FFU
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Pool Motors
How much Money can I Save Using EC Motors?
Let’s use an example of the energy savings from EC motors using grocery stores, where we typically have:12-watt motor running 24 hours/day @ $0.18/killowatt electricity cost Shaded pole motors typically run at 18% efficiency vs EC motors running at 65% efficiency
Output = 12 watts Input = 66.67 watts(input) x (24/day) = 1.60 kWh x $0.18 = $0.29 cost of electricity per day for (1) Shaded pole motor
The difference is $0.21 / motorOver one year, saving $0.21 per motor will save you $76.65
Output = 12 wattsInput = 18.46 watts(input) x (24/day) = 0.44 kWh x $0.18 = $0.08 cost of electricity per day for 1 EC Motor
There are at least 300 motors in the average grocery store300 motors x $76.65 = $22,995That’s a nice return on your motor investment!
DVM Industries focuses on motor solutions for both small businesses and large commercial and industrial applications. Our motor specialists will assess your energy goals and provide an in-depth analysis and work with local utilities to secure grants and rebates to offset the capital investment of your energy efficiency motor projects. 

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